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Welcome to Devenir Plus

We are Chris and Tsen, two individuals with a passion for property and best self living.

The mission of Devenir Plus is to provide a resource that gives you the knowledge and ability to become the best version of you through property entrepreneurship.

Chris Dornan

Tsen Wharton

About us

We are Chris and Tsen, two individuals with a passion for property and best self living — helping people gradually BECOME MORE and live their best lives is what fulfils us.

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At the end of each week you’ll get the latest blog written by us plus a small selection of articles and resources hand picked to support you on your journey towards success in property and in life. 

Our own weekly blog captures our learning curve as we grow our property business.

If you share our values in using property investing to live life on your terms then our posts will have something for you.
From tactical learns in serviced accommodation and property development, to ideas on mindset and life mastery.
Everything we write about is rooted in becoming the best version of you through property.

We can host 1 day workshops for small groups of up to 10 people to help inject confidence and accelerate your investing journey. Focus areas include:

  • Goal setting and achievement – create a vision for your year and a plan to execute it
  • Confidence in viewing and analysing property – learn how to view property confidently, as if you had a builder with you
  • Serviced accommodation business audit – lets review your SA business so that you can optimise what you already have

Tell us what you need help with. Fill out the box below to tell us what you need help with most and we can create a bespoke day around your needs and goals.

What is a mastermind?

A Mastermind is when two or more people come together in a spirit of harmony and shared values to solve problems and capitalise on opportunities. When this happens they will engage a third, greater mind, which will allow new ideas to come to them and creative energy to flow.

We facilitate powerful masterminds in beautiful locations, either on the snow or in the sun.

We help people to use property to live their best lives by creating a business in alignment with their values and baking more certainty into their investments.  

Complete the form below to express your interest in a future Mastermind Retreat, and let us know if your preference is to be on the snow or by the pool in the heat.

Predictable Property Profits

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Other products coming soon.

Are admin tasks taking up too much of your time and holding you back from growing your property business?

This practical guide walks you through the 7 simple steps to multiply business productivity and create time freedom by hiring a Virtual Assistant. Each step is explained in easy to follow detail and full templates for each step of the recruitment and management process are provided.

With every manual purchased we are donating 50% of the revenue to our chosen charity Cancer Research UK, that means £15 is donated every time a VA manual is bought, so a massive thank you in advance